Clear Mind Training

Coaching and Training with Mindfulness


There is a future where people have greater resilience and much improved effectiveness at work, both individually and in teams.

Join us in this future, and explore the benefits for your situation.

Top companies such as Google, eBay, Unilever and many more are using it. And increasing amounts of research are confirming the effectiveness of Mindfulness at work.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field we are getting great results. Here’s what people have been saying:

I found the course hugely helpful, each week there were different aspects of mindfulness that I could put into practice. I liked the practical nature of the course balanced with sufficient theory. J.F. East Sussex

Presentation and content were both excellent, and the big benefits for me from the course were the insights it has brought in relation to mindfulness. Helpful and immediately applicable practices. C.J. Brighton

This is the kind of course which would benefit a whole range of people who are looking for a different way of living in an increasingly complex world. The value of paying attention to our own way of being is a huge investment in making life easier for those with whom we connect. P. Thompson Bexhill

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